sarah kalama, kahana kalama

Pardon the sporadic nature of my recent posts but Kahana and I have been… occupied to say the least.  As much as I’d love to pour out the details of our newfangled dealings, I’ll hold off until the time arrives.  Let’s just say its requiring plenty of hunting, gathering, and trips to LA.

Last week we finally sunk our teeth into Apple’s forbidden fruit.  And what better way to test out our new iPhones than to document an outing to Quality Social for their Morning after Brunch.

sarah kalama, kahana kalama, quality socialBLOODY MARY, quality social kahana kalama, quality socialquality social quality socialSarah kalama, quality socialSarah kalama, kahana kalama, quality social
Photos by Sarah Kalama

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One Response to SUN-DATE // DOWNTOWN

  1. sooz says:

    love love love this……… it’s weird though, i can hardly recognize you! this means a visit is NECESSARY. xo

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